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The city of Bonita Springs, Florida is located on the southwestern coast of Florida with easy access to the Gulf of Mexico. It is also nearby to the surrounding cities of Fort Myers and Naples to the north and south respectively. The city hosts picturesque views of the ocean, world famous beach parks, exquisite shopping, and exceptional dining experiences. Additionally, Bonita Springs Florida real estate holds some of the most luxurious options available in Florida.

This makes it the perfect place for those looking to take the vacation of a lifetime. It is also the perfect place for those looking to retire in paradise surrounded by emerald waters straight out of the imagination.

Bonita Springs Homes for Sale

Bonita Springs Population

With a population in the mid-30,000s, Bonita Springs is a smaller and quieter city that is well-suited for those looking for somewhere to enjoy their surroundings. Though certainly not immune to traffic and congestion, especially in the peak season, Bonita Springs does have a quieter feel to it compared to Fort Myers and Naples.

The housing costs in Bonita Springs reflect the nature of the homes found throughout, with a median home purchase price of roughly $330,000 compared to the national average of $237,000 and the Florida average of $245,000. The luxurious nature of the housing in Bonita Springs sets it apart from many other southwest Florida cities of similar sizes. Those with a taste for the luxurious lifestyle offered in Bonita Springs flock here, not only from across the state of Florida and United States, but also from all over the world due to its world-renowned real estate developments that are the embodiment of posh coastal living.

Bonita Springs Community Options

Bonita-Springs-Housing-OptionsWhen looking for more affordable housing in the six-figure range, there are countless inland options available for home buyers who have exquisite taste and demand the highest in quality in terms of construction, design, and location. Additionally, those who prefer to save money to spend on things other than being on the beach can find multiple real estate options available. With every neighborhood in the city being only a short drive from the beach, there is no bad neighborhood to purchase a home in for those who appreciate the proximity to the ocean.

Some of the neighborhoods that are further in from the beach are not only more affordable, but still offer water access as well. With a $500,000 budget, you can afford a seventeen-hundred square foot house along – or close to – the Imperial River with gulf coast access, a private dock and boat lift, and more room for a lower cost per square foot as opposed to a property situated squarely on the beach.

Waterfront Communities in Bonita Springs


For those with a higher budget that are looking for the pinnacle of luxury Bonita Springs real estate, look no further than the waterfront homes for sale. With waterfront condos, massive estates, and beachfront manors, there is no shortage of options for buyers ready to pay big bucks for the best that Bonita Springs has to offer.

Whether on the beaches of Bonita Springs, or on Little Hickory Island just across the Bonita Beach Road Bridge, the perfect property awaits. Currently, a five hundred square foot luxury condo runs about $250,000 on the waterfront, and a sixty-three hundred square foot house on the water on Barefoot Beach will cost just under $15,000,000.

For buyers in this higher price range, expect no expense or luxury to be spared in the home. Everything from sitting areas in the bedrooms, private balconies, multi-story closets, formidable driveways lined with palm trees, and towering metal gates with stone fences surrounding the entrance are aspects commonly found among properties in this area. It is not only the Bonita Springs real estate, but the lifestyle that is sought out by so many who seek to move to this are, that makes it a desirable place to live, play and invest.

Real Estate Market in Bonita Springs

Real Estate Market in Bonita SpringsThe housing market in Bonita Springs is a healthy seller’s market, with between three and four months of housing inventory available across both single-family residences and condominiums at the end of September 2020. With healthy growth across all metrics year over year, the Bonita Springs real estate market appears to be on track for more consistent growth and appreciation in property values.

With sellers receiving between 96% and 97% of asking price on all listings that have closed in the last thirty days, the market can be expected to maintain its course as a seller’s market for the foreseeable future. Unless a drastic change occurs in terms of the volume of buyers looking to purchase, or if many homeowners decide to sell and flood the market with listings, it will remain a healthy seller’s market.

Currently (with interest rates at historic lows) there is no indication that the seller’s market will slow down seeing as more and more buyers continue to come looking for homes in the local market each day, and are willing to pay a premium to find themselves the perfect property in Bonita Springs, Florida.

As a homeowner in Bonita Springs, Florida, it is the perfect time to list your home or condominium for sale and pulling your equity out to allocate toward an upgrade in your home. Another great consideration would be downsizing and allocating that equity towards other investments in real estate within the community, as it has proven itself to be a hot spot for those looking for luxury vacation rentals due to the absence of the crowds that are seen on east coast beaches.

Bonita Springs Shopping and Amenities

Promenade Shopping Mall in Bonita Springs

In addition to the preferable financial considerations, Bonita Springs holds host to a multitude of local amenities. When visiting Bonita Springs, or making the move to town, be sure to check out some of the finest retail options available to shoppers who desire and appreciate a refined shopping experience. With some of the most luxurious boutiques, high-end salons and spas, fine dining experiences, and upscale retail stores in the nation, the open-air shopping center located at The Promenade at Bonita Bay is the premier location for serial shopaholics both in southwest Florida as well as around the world.

The Promenade offers an outdoor shopping experience comparable to few others in the area, let alone the country. With plenty of room to bring the whole family (including pets, outside of shops) and take photos in glamorous surroundings, this is a must-see shopping spot while in town.

Bonita Springs BeachesThe historic downtown area of Bonita Springs has recently gone through massive gentrification making the area charming and park-like; a wonderful place to roam the restaurants and local shops.

Bonita Springs is also known as having some of the best beaches in the US if not the world. Barefoot Beach and the Lover’s Key State Park are rated as two of the top beaches in the country.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, Bonita Springs is the ideal location for those looking to purchase a single-family residence or condominium with luxury detail, quick access to beautiful beaches and fun local amenities like The Promenade and Hickory Island. Whether you seek to round-out your real estate portfolio, invest in a forever home, or lay down roots in a fun and infinitely interesting location with close proximity to water, Bonita Springs Florida Real Estate is a great choice.

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