barefoot beach club Real Estate

The Barefoot Beach Club harbors some of the most beautiful scenery available in all of Florida. Southwest Florida has some of the most incredible beaches discoverable, and at the Club, you get the added benefit of the community experience. Memories, friendships, and the ultimate luxury escape are what it offers its members.

The gulf-access gated community is characteristically the beach life. Walking distances to the beautiful blue sea and soft sands highlight what the Club is all about. With plenty of neighbors to meet, and plenty of sights to see, Barefoot Beach Club will be your preferred home away from home.

The BBC is gorgeously situated between the Gulf of Mexico and the Little Hickory Bay waterway. Constructed between 1991 and 1994, the 348 unit property contains secured elevators and incredibly spacious interiors. Surrounded by the Barefoot Beach Preserve, you are truly connected to the native Florida landscape.

Barefoot Beach Club Homes and Condos for Sale

Barefoot Beach Club Real Estate

The Barefoot Beach Club has 348 spacious homes distributed about 12 buildings that elegantly line the coast. The lifestyle found here caters to really any family, pair, or individual -just so long as they are seeking access to the natural beauties of Southwest Florida!

There are four types of homes offered in the BBC community. Condos, cottages, luxury homes, and single-family homes are all available at varying rates. For condos, one can expect anywhere from $795,000 – $2,900,000. The luxury homes and cottages can be found in the range of $900,000 – $3,500,000. The single-family homes vary the most in pricing, starting at right under $2,000,000 and going so high as $13,000,000 for the homes closest to the gulf.

HOAs fees will vary by which part of the community you join. Different fees apply to different homes and their subsequent maintenance. The fees can vary, but they typically range from between $1055 to $3771 per quarter.

Barefoot Beach Club Amenities

As mentioned before, the BBC is entirely an immersive experience. Regarded as one of the nicest beaches in the United States, there’s more to look forward to than just the pinnacle of coastlines. The Barefoot Beach Club sits among 342 acres of undeveloped natural beauty to behold, all thanks to the Barefoot Beach Preserve.

Surrounded in wildlife and with plenty of access to the touches that make a home personal, the Barefoot Beach Club immerses you into the coast, redefining the meaning of home. If that weren’t enough, beautiful gardens line the mapping of the entire community, ensuring that the beauty of nature is not lost amidst the already captivating architecture.

The Club

The 400 member equity membership guarantees exclusivity and prestige as a community experience. The fees for being part of this club start at $30,000. In addition, there is an initiation fee of $20,000, followed by an annual due in the amount of $5,100.

Fine and casual dining can be found year-round for those purveyors of memorable dining experiences. Racquetball, boating on the private marinas, and summer golfing club programs make for the absolute impossibility of dulled days.

Casual & Fine Dining

For fine dining, look no further than The Shell Dining Room. Available by reservation only, the five-course menu will answer clearly why Barefoot Beach is the place to be. For casual dining that leaves an impression, the Turtle’s Nest is the place to eat. With menus to satisfy any diet with elegance, appeal, and brilliance, the Barefoot Beach Club keeps even the simplest moments of the day animated.


For those who are devout to fitness and exercise, worry not. The Barefoot Beach Club offers plenty of activities to keep you active and in good shape. Tennis courts with lessons from seasonal pros, running paths, and an open beachfront make for plenty of room to soak up the atmosphere during your routine workouts. Jet-skiing, fishing, boating, and swimming are also popular due to the many pools, marinas, and docks available.

Barefoot Beach Club Surrounding Areas

The Barefoot Beach Club Communities are a gated and geographically exclusive community located just 30 minutes from the Southwest Florida International Airport. Closer still is the Coconut Point Mall and 5th Avenue in Naples, only a few minutes away.

The surrounding areas include the scenic and the treasured Gulf of Mexico, as well as 342 acres of beautiful greenery and wildlife all around. The Barefoot Beach Club is unparalleled in its beauty, and by its dedication to providing the perfect relaxing escape. With all the condo communities in this area, Barefoot Beach Club is certainly a residence to consider.  No doubt, with all that it has to offer, it truly is the perfect place to call home!