How to Avoid a Foreclosure in Southwest Florida

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There are a number of reasons a person may be at risk of their lender foreclosing on their mortgage loan, and they all involve some form of financial issue – the borrower has not kept up to date on the payments. Any type of severe financial hardship can mean a late or missed mortgage payment, like an emergency car repair or urgent medical care. Many people are a few days late on their payments, but that won’t lead to a foreclosure. But when one missed payment turns into two or more, that’s when the lender will take action to get their money back by foreclosing on the property. Here are a few things you should consider if you find yourself behind on your mortgage payments. Take the Proactive Approach – Its never a good idea to just stick your head in the sand and ignore the problem, hoping it [...]

How to Pick the Right Real Estate Agent

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There are basically 2 schools of thought when it comes to marketing your home for sale – either enlisting the professional services of a licensed real estate salesperson, or opting to “go it alone,” and market the property yourself. By selecting the right real estate agent, you’ll rid yourself of a lot of worries, stress, paperwork, and legal hassles, and more. Plus, the exposure your home receives in the effort to be seen by more prospective buyers is greatly increased when using a REALTOR®. This is especially true if you take the time to find the right REALTOR® for you and your sales goals. How quickly you want to be out of your home, what your financial expectations are from the proceeds of the sale after all loans are satisfied, and how long after the closing will you need to vacate the property are all things to consider. Here [...]

2023 Real Estate Market Trends in Southwest Florida

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From the 2-year, wild upswing in real estate prices in Southwest Florida and low interest rates creating a drastic boom in the market to the uncertainty facing our area following Hurricane Ian in late September 2022, it is fair to say the future of sales activity has been a huge question mark locally. Surprisingly to some, the market here, even in the aftermath of the category 4 storm that devastated much of our coastline and inland communities, is in relatively good health, and showing a more balanced and reasonable sales growth rate than that being experienced in the rest of the country. A Look at The Numbers According to statistics published by the Southwest Florida Multiple Listing Service, (SWFMLS), here is a comparison of stats regarding the number of sales, sales prices, number of homes available for sale and more. LEE COUNTY, FLORIDA SINGLE FAMILY HOMES (EXCLUDES CONDOS AND [...]

Cash Home Buyers Can Help You Sell Faster

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If you’re considering putting your home on the market for sale here in SW Florida, there are dozens of details to consider. A buyer may approach you – or your real estate agent – with a purchase offer, but it may be contingent on the buyer getting a mortgage loan, unless they’ve been pre-approved. Another buyer might offer to buy your house for all cash, removing many potential obstacles to a successful sale. Let’s take a closer look at accepting an all-cash offer to purchase your property. Consider Your Specific Circumstances – Some people are not in any hurry to sell their home. In fact, there are those who put their home up for sale almost as a fishing expedition – if they’re offered the right number, they’ll sell. If not, no harm, no foul. But other sellers may be facing specific circumstances that dictate they sell their property [...]

How to Find an Honest Contractor

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When you need work done on your home – especially to the extent caused by Hurricane Ian in September of 2022 – it is critical to hire a general contractor or specialty tradesman to do the job correctly, and to live up to their agreements. After Ian struck, contractors came out of the woodwork in Southwest Florida, looking to profit from the devastation in cities like Fort Myers Beach, Cape Coral, Pine Island, and the rest of the region. While there is nothing wrong with soliciting business for a roofing, plumbing, electrical, drywall firm or any other related business, the fact is there are some unscrupulous people who will portray themselves as legitimate when they are not. Going through a thorough vetting process and spending time on the right type of research can mean the difference between a successful project and a rip-off scammer. The hurricane has unfortunately brought [...]

Buying Your First Rental Property

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Investing in SW Florida real estate of all types has long been proven to be a sound and financially rewarding method of earning passive income. Owning a rental property – or more than one – can add significant return on your investment and provide a growing, positive cash flow. Investing in a rental property is different than ‘flipping’ real estate properties. A house or condo flipper is looking for a good investment, but usually for the short term. They plan on repairing and updating the property and then put it back on the market for sale, pocketing the profit and often moving on to the next flip. Owning a rental property usually suits the investor who wants more of a long term investment, holding on to the home and, if planned correctly, realize continued return on their investment for years, often decades. Let’s take a closer look at putting [...]

What’s On Tap? Things are Brewing in Southwest Florida

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It was not that long ago when true beer aficionados had to travel to places like Ybor City in Tampa or even Miami or Fort Lauderdale to sample locally brewed craft beers. Now, Southwest Florida residents can visit about 20 craft brew pubs throughout Lee, Collier, Charlotte, and Hendry Counties to wet their whistle. Craft beer breweries are smaller producers who create their custom beers in small production batches, and brew pubs are bars or restaurants that produce their brews on the premises. These innovative businessmen and women create their brands and flavors using traditional ingredients like malted barley and hops, among others, but craft brewers add their own individual, unique flavor twists to create exciting new offerings. Some of their beers might resemble a certain style you may be familiar with, and some are completely new takes on creative beer flavor combinations and styles. There are about 20 [...]

Open Houses – Top Things You Should Know

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In the competitive world of real estate sales, a skilled real estate professional will use a variety of marketing and sales tactics to attract attention their listings. One of the tools used by most REALTORS® is holding an Open House at your home, hoping to expose it to potential buyers. It should be noted that not all real estate salespeople believe in the value in holding an open house, thinking that the effort is not worth the return. Others will hold open houses on every one of their listings, especially in high-traffic areas or parts of your city that are experiencing robust sales activity. Clearly it is a question you should ask the REALTORS® you are interviewing to sell your home – and yes, you should speak with at least 3 sales experts with proven records of success in your specific area before you sign a listing agreement to [...]

Hurricane Ian Impact on SW Florida’s Real Estate Market

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There is hardly anyone living in Collier, Lee, Hendry, Desoto, or Charlotte counties who did not experience some type of hardship from Hurricane Ian, from losing a few roof shingles or fence panels to the complete loss of their home and all of their personal belongings. The storm wiped out a vast number of homes and businesses and will clearly have an effect on the future of the real estate market in Southwest Florida. There are basically two schools of thought on what people think will happen going forward as it relates to property values, the amount of inventory of available homes on the market and how long they remain there, sale prices, and a lot more. There is a faction of those who feel that no matter what, the Florida real estate market will always be attractive to people who may be retiring and want to get away [...]

Farmer’s Markets in Southwest Florida

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If you’re looking for a different kind of weekend activity, grab your sun hat and set out to spend the day at one of the many local Farmer’s Markets throughout Southwest Florida. You can stroll through the vendor’s booths, sample tasty local food, take home some of the area’s freshest produce or a locally made clothing item and enjoy the perfect weather of the Florida high season. Almost all markets in this article operate from November through April. Here’s a look at some of the most popular Farmer’s Markets in the area. Marco Island Farmer’s Market Veterans Community Park 901 Park Ave Marco Island, FL 34145 Every Wednesday from 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. This is a large event featuring delectable local produce from area farms, locally sourced honey, fresh baked goods, flowers and plants and food prepared by local food trucks and restaurant vendors. Learn more Beach Baptist [...]

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